European Syngnathid meeting in Oct 2018


Hippocampus guttulatus (Long-snouted seahorse). Photo by Roberto Strafella / Guylian Seahorses of the World 2016.

The first European Syngnathid meeting took take place at the Oceanário de Lisboa, 20-21 October 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.  The aim of this meeting was to build a network to help expand knowledge and action for syngnathid species.  The objectives include:

  1. Address IUCN Red Listing for the European seahorse species, trying to resolve
    Data Deficient status
  2. Generate quick response capacity when concerns arise for the European
    syngnathid species
  3. Agree on consistent methods for population assessment in support of IUCN Red Listing and other conservation action for syngnathids.
  4. Develop a proposal for European Union’s CostAction fund, to allow ongoing

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European syngnathid researchers and professionals gathering for the first time in Portugal at the Oceanário de Lisboa.

For more information, you can view our programme booklet or read the meeting minutes.

Or to learn more, view these presentations from participants:

Núria Baylina/Oceanário de Lisboa – How can public aquariums contribute?

Michele Gristina/Italian National Research Council – On the status of the Long-snouted seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus, along the Italian coasts 

Vanda Lobo/Oceano Azul Foundation – Save the seahorses in Ria Formosa

Cristina Mena/Asociación Hippocampus – The Mar Menor: Current problem and evolution of the Long-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus)

Jorge Palma/Universidade do Algarve – The Seahorse Working Group at the Centre for Marine Sciences of Algarve





We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors and hosts

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