We are now the Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Specialist Group

newIUCNseahorse logoThe IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish and Stickleback Specialist Group (SPSSG) has changed its name to the Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Specialist Group. We have always been focused on syngnathiform fishes – seahorses, pipefishes, seadragons and their near relatives – but we also previously embraced the gasterosteiform fishes – sticklebacks and a few other species – because they were thought to be close relatives (sister clades). Phylogenetic revisions have, however shown that they are not close relatives and there is no longer any justification for keeping them together. We, the SPSSG, will continue with responsibility for syngnathiform fishes totalling >320 species in five families. The gasterosteiformes – which includes species found in freshwater and/or marine habitats – will be supported by the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group, the Freshwater Biodiversity Unit and the Marine Biodiversity Unit.


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