Marine species on CITES #CITES4Seas

CITES CoP 18 will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in May 2019.

The information below is from CITES CoP 17, Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 September-04 October 2016.

CITES CoP 17 Information DocumentsResources



CITES CoP 17 Information Documents

The following four information documents are available in several languages, in pdf format.

Implementing Appendix II listings for marine fishes: important considerations when making non-detriment findings.
(English | French  | Spanish)

Assisting Parties to meet their commitments: CITES Review of significant trade for Seahorses (Hippocampus spp.), a taxon traded in high volumes
(English | French | Spanish)  [Please note that the French and Spanish versions are translations of the official CoP17 Inf. 53 (Rev. 1)]

Implementation of CITES Appendix II listings for marine fishes.
(English | French  | Spanish)

Simple is good: moving toward pragmatic and effective monitoring to support CITES implementation for marine fishes and invertebrates on Appendix II
(English | French  | Spanish)


The role of CITES in the conservation of marine fishes subject to international trade

CITES and Marine Fishes Think Tank
Non-detriment findings (NDF) advice for marine fishes in general

NDF frameworks / tools for specific marine fish taxa



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