Photo: Rafael Cosme Daza/Guylian SOTW

The IUCN Seahorse, Pipefish and Stickleback Specialist Group (SPS SG) is dedicated to the conservation of seahorses, pipefishes, and sticklebacks — as well as related species such as trumpetfishes, cornetfishes, seamoths, shrimpfishes, and pipehorses.

As the IUCN global authority on these animals — which are found all over the world, many of them threatened — the SPS SG works with scientists, conservationists, governments and other groups to ensure that wild populations are healthy and well-managed.

On this website you will find information on the work of our Specialist Group, including species profiles, conservation assessments, conservation actions to protect threatened species, and other valuable resources such as bibliographies and information about how you can get involved.

Learn more at our About Us page.

A special thanks goes out to Laura Wheeland for designing our logo.


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